HEY, I'M Shyloh

I’m a mom, wife, Grandma Nei Nei, and your friend.

I want to help you live your best life! 

I have been there. I know how overwhelming it can feel to run a business AND be a mom. Not to mention, it can be lonely too!

As I raised my kids, I valued the opportunity to choose my hours, and being my own boss was the answer. Whether I was working on a side hustle or a big business, it would often feel overwhelming and lonely, and my life felt out of balance. By owning several of my own successful businesses and mentoring countless others, I have found it impossible to create success, feel your purpose, and ultimately accumulate wealth if you are spinning in overwhelm and stress! 

This is why I love mentoring other women who may feel the same way. Mind as well skip a few of the hard lessons I had to learn, right? 

Sure, we can (and will) chat strategy, marketing, email lists, finding clients, funnels, social media, bookkeeping, organizing your business, etc. But, we will also work on those limiting beliefs that are holding you back from having a business that fits in your life, not a life that revolves around your business.

Don't have a business? I got you! As a general life coach, I've coached on relationships, ADHD, divorce, career, and stepping into a life where you align with your intuition and values. 

Hugs, Shyloh

As your coach, I believe ...

You are already good enough, worthy enough, and know enough.

This is the lens I see you through.

I share knowledge from my extensive business experience, but you know what is best for you.

We will always ensure you feel congruent with your values as we work together.

I believe in you. Always.


I am okay with not being right.

Learning to say "no" when something doesn't resonate with you will benefit you in the coaching session but in your entire life!

You will change. You will feel better. You will have a stronger connection with your life.

It might feel harder at first, but it will be worth it. And you can do it. I know it. Because I've got you!

You can't "think" your way out of a feeling!

I became a certified life coach, confident I would figure out all the answers. It soon became clear that thought work alone would not heal the disconnection I felt from my life. I noticed that I felt vulnerable emotions when I went to yoga class. This led to several years of practicing and learning about the power of a managed mind AND exploring all the emotions, patterns of thinking, and habits we have in our bodies.

I'm on a mission

What you can create is UNBELIEVABLE when your life is in integrity with what you really want. I am a master at helping you uncover this. You will find a deeper connection in your relationships, your business will soar, and you will feel more confident than ever.

Think we might be a good match?

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Imagine dramatically changing the way you feel about your life.

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It's not about becoming someone new, it's about remembering who you have always been.

More fun facts...

  • Beach, Desert, or Mountains? ALL THE ABOVE!!? I love the mountains... I can hike from my front door. I love sitting on the beach (I don't love getting in the ocean). But, my greatest love is Lake Powell.  
  • I hate grocery stores! I order groceries as much as I can. And, if I do need to shop, I make my husband come and push the cart.
  • I've been married for two years, and together, we have six kids, four "+1's" (what we call their partners), and two twin grandkids! Our Sunday dinners are like a circus, and we LOVE it!
  • I love everything about dogs except their fur, slobber, and other bodily fluids. In other words, my favorite dog is one I can look at in a picture. 

Living with Intention

create deeper connections to your life and business.

I see you. I feel you. I am you!

Join me in a 3-part workshop as we explore:

  •  The layers that may be stopping you from fully expressing your true self.
  •  How to become more deeply connected with yourself and your business.
  •  Why this work is so important.

This 2-part workshop includes a video lesson and worksheet or journaling exercise delivered via email over the next 3 days.